Sermons from March 2017

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And God Said, Part 2

In his message entitled “And God Said, Part 2″, Pastor Scott reminds of three main ways in which God speaks to us to communicate his Will and desires for our lives.  Some people are already aware but others may not even know that God wants to speak to us.  Though we may not hear his voice […]

And God Said, Part 1

This audio presentation is the teaching of Pastor Aaron Pacheco of New Hope East Hawaii. In his message entitled “And God Said, Part 1″, Pastor Aaron reminds us that when God speaks, things happen. God brought light to the formless and empty earth by speaking light into existence. Can God’s words speak into the chaos […]

Attitude Part 2

In his message entitled “Attitude Part 2″… Pastor Scott continues his series on our attitudes toward important factors in our lives. Our attitudes toward these three factors control our thoughts, our hearts and affect the way that we serve God and others. This message was delivered on March 5, 2017.