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Hope In The Resurrection

Easter Sunday service attenders around the world today will proclaim that Jesus has risen, indeed! Because Jesus Christ was three-days dead and buried, only to conquer death to live again, we have hope. But, many wonder, what is our hope based upon? Is it based upon blind faith, such that it is a fragile hope, […]

Are You Ready?

On Saturday, January 13, residents of and visitors to the Hawaiian Islands received a shocking series of alerts from the emergency alert system on their phones, televisions and radios. It was reported that the Pacific Fleet had detected inbound ballistic missiles aimed directly at Hawaii and that impact was expected within the next several minutes. […]

Sin & Satan Pt. 2

Sermon Notes – This audio presentation is the teaching of Pastor Scott Shiroma of New Hope East Hawaii. In his message titled Sin & Satan Part 2, Pastor Scott teaches us about the consequences of sin, but also reminds us that while all of us sin, Christ’s self sacrifice will redeem us in the eyes […]

Trusting God’s Promise

This audio presentation is the teaching of Pastor Jaewin Gonsalves of New Hope East Hawaii. In this practical message entitled “Trusting God’s Promise”, Pastor Jaewin discusses how we should respond, how we should communicate with God, and how we should proceed when we are inevitably faced with big challenges in our lives. This message was […]

The Battle Belongs to the Lord

Sermon-Notes–The-Battle-Belongs-to-the-Lord — In his message “The Battle Belongs to the Lord” Pastor Scott reminds us that when we place our faith in God, we can rest in the assurance of his love and provision. This message was recorded on Sunday May 31st, 2015.

Choose Life

Sermon-Notes–Choose-Life  In his message titled “Choose Life”, Pastor Scott pionts out to each of us, the next steps in our walk with Christ.  This message was recorded on Sunday April 12, 2015.