Sermons from February 2018

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Abandonment Part 1


In this first message in a two-part series entitled “Abandoned,” Pastor Scott explains that, while God may sometimes feel as though He’s nowhere to be found, he will never abandon us. As well, Pastor Scott explains some steps that we can take to help us so that we don’t have a feeling of abandonment. This message […]

Gaining Wisdom


In this internet age, there’s now more information at everyone’s hands than any other time in human history. With so much information available, one might think that the world would be better behaved than ever before. In this message entitled “Gaining Wisdom,” Pastor Scott explains the difference between mere knowledge and actual wisdom.  This message was […]

It All Comes Down To Love


This audio presentation is the teaching of Pastor Aaron Pacheco of New Hope East Hawaii. In this complex and sometimes chaotic world, we strive to get ahold of things by reducing or compartmentalizing issues and tasks to smaller, more manageable responsibilities. In doing so, we find that we are able to continue forward successfully. Similarly, […]

Are You Listening?

Sermon Notes – This audio presentation is the teaching of Pastor Scott Shiroma of New Hope East Hawaii.  In his message titled “Are You Listening” Pastor Scott explains why we have difficulty listening to God and to others. He also shares how we can become better “Active, Reflective” listeners.  This message was recorded on Sunday […]